I’m Rebekah, I’m an American 20-something social worker who loves running, hiking, oversharing on the internet, camping, craft beer, yoga, acting like a hipster, books, and of course, traveling.

I was raised an expat child in Zambia, a country that I will always love. I’m fairly sure my childhood was pretty close to being as perfect as a childhood gets because I had about 6 dogs, lived next to a banana plantation and found Africa is the perfect place for your imagination to run wild. In college I did a semester in Romania where I also got to go to Bulgaria and Istanbul and where I truly fell in love with traveling. romania I also am sort of a National Park Groupie and think Acadia, Zion, and Glacier are pretty close to heaven. I have my eyes set on Yosemite and Shenandoah. Glacier Home the past few years has been Portland Maine, which in my opinion is the greatest city in all of America and I love every single cobblestone, pint-glass and barnacle of that city. I love traveling but there is no place better to continuously return too then the rocky coast of Maine.


maine coast


Currently I’m teaching English in Nanchong China while on a mission to eat all the dumplings, run all the mountains, and learn as much as I can about this country. When the year is up I plan on doing a bit of wandering.


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